layered SOAP webservices

Hi all,

My SOAP web service works with direct and delegated dispatching. But as soon as I switch to layered, I get an error message

   no such web service 'api'

Now, the actionwebservice/lib/action_web_service/protocol/ soap_protocol.rb, in function


  service_name = action_pack_request.parameters['action']

But doesn't this mean the service_name is always going to be set to 'api' in case of layered dispatch? Shouldn't the service name come from the SOAP message itself? (ie. NOT the SOAPAction HTTP header --> that header should not really be used because the service name is in the SOAP message, AFAIK).

I am not an export on SOAP messages, but is the layered SOAP dispatching implemented at all?

I'm using latest stable rails. I've tried the SVN trunk, but I get some error about actionwebservice being undefined symbol or something....

Thanks in advance for any light on this.