know of any timeline components? (plugins, flash. etc) i.e. plotting time (horizontally) versus resources/projects vertically


I want to create a Rails application that summarises resource leave & project phases. I basically want time horizontally (choose day-by-day, week-by-week, etc resolution), and projects/resources horizontally. I want all phase of a project to be on the same horizontal row (i.e. not a Gantt chart which typically has a row per task).

Is there any existing HTML, Rails, Flash (with xml integration) components someone knows of that can do this nicely? i.e. similar to how works for graphs.


here’s a link to a rough idea of what I’m after (link to image) -

Haven't used it, but I was looking for something like that and this one is tempting:

You’re looking to create a Gantt Chart.

You may be able to accomplish this using the Google Charts API and a horizontal stacked bar chart

Harold, this looks really promising. I’ll look into this.

Tim - I don’t want a Gantt chart as multiple tasks are typically on different rows. Also prefer not to need internet access to Google during development (i.e. network connectivity)