Just wanted to say rails 3 active relation can be rather great!

Here's a query I just built as I build my application and learn rails:

  def self.views
      .select("help_categories.id, help_categories.name,
COUNT(help_documents.id) AS number_of_documents")
      .joins("left outer join help_documents on help_categories.id =

I just want to say that this query works and is so much more straight-
forward compared to using Hibernate. In the Hibernate world, you first
have to make a static class to store id, name and the
number_of_documents... and the query and boiler plate is immense:

    public List<HelpCategoryView> findAllViews() {
        return getHibernateTemplate().executeFind(new
HibernateCallback<List<HelpCategoryView>>() {
            public List<HelpCategoryView> doInHibernate(Session
session) throws HibernateException, SQLException {
                Query query = session.createQuery(
                    "select new
trainingdividend.domain.sysadmin.HelpCategoryView(" +
                    " helpCategory.id, helpCategory.name,
count(helpDocument)) " +
                    "from HelpCategory helpCategory " +
                    " left join helpCategory.documents helpDocument
" +
                    "group by helpCategory.id, helpCategory.name " +
                    "order by helpCategory.name asc"

                return query.list();

So congrats!