jump-starting a database application

Erik Rantapaa wrote:


I'm fairly new to RoR development, and
I realize that RoR already does a lot to help one get a database
application up and running but I was wondering if there other modules I
should be aware of.

At this point the app I am developing is very simple - it is essentially
a glorified (single) table editor. However, I have the need to do the

- select multiple rows returned from a search query
- perform an action on multiple rows
- perform generalized editing on multiple rows

As an example of the last item, once the user has selected a group of
rows I need to allow them to select which columns they want to change
and what values to change them to.

It seems like these features would be common to a lot of database
applications, so I'm wondering if I should continue to implement these
features myself or if there is another RoR module/framework which I
should look at.


On another rails forum I got the suggestion to check out the
framework at streamlinedframework.org


activescaffold is also worth a look.