Juggernaut command not found


While i'm trying to execute the following command, i'm getting command not found error.

juggernaut -g juggernaut.yml (This is used to configure the gem.)

My Rails Version is 2.3.5 Juggernaut version is 2.0.0

Please help me. Thanks in advance.

Thanks, Priya

I think we might be able to help if you could provide more information about the error you are receiving.

is that gem is available in yours config /environment.rb or in yours Gemfile( if rails3)

@ Tim: As i mentioned in my first post, i'm getting juggernaut command not found error only. I didn't get any log.

@ Kannav: Ya, the gem is available in config/environment.rb file. Its Rails 2.3.5.

Hi Priya....

I am also facing the same problem.... have u found the solution...

If found...plz share it or send drop mail on 'erharish43.malik@gmail.com'

i'll be very thankful to u

Regards, Harish