: JSON-RPC 1.1 plugin for Rails

"json_rpc" is a complete implementation of the JSON-RPC 1.1 protocol,
as described in
the JSON-RPC 1.1 Specification draft, which may be found at

JSON-RPC 1.1 is a fast and lightweight text-based protocol based on
HTTP. The plugin automatically chooses between GET and POST requests
based on the idempotency of the remote procedures using the
introspective features of JSON-RPC 1.1.

The json_rpc plgin allows a Rails application to choose to act as a
service provider,
as a client, or both. The plugin allows an application to set up an
unlimited number of API services.

More information on





  script/plugin install svn://rubyforge.org/var/svn/json-rpc

An example

Hi Peter,

Please excuse my ignorance, does this library allow for cross domain scripting or is it limited by XMLHttpRequest?

It certainly looks very useful and very clean sytnax. Congratulations.