Job recruitment system project - help

Hello All,

I would like to create job recruitment system project, and I am new to
Rails but I have learned Ruby and I don't know it is easy to build
this project via Rails or not.

Background Information and User Requirements:
Basically the system needs to allow job recruiters to post jobs and
job seekers to view the posted
jobs via different search categories such as location, industry, etc.
and to apply for those they think
are appropriate.

Could you please help?


That's a very vague question. Other than 'yes you could build this in rails' I don't know what sort of answer you were expecting.


Its very easy.

1. Install Rails
   gem install rails --include-dependencies
2. Add ActiveScoffold PlugIn (
   ./script/plugin install
3. Add RoleRequirement (
   ./script/plugin install
4. Add TabNav/Widgets (ruby script/plugin install
svn:// (Information:
   ruby script/plugin install svn://
5. Define your takes in a migration

6. Build your model files (3-4 lines each)

class MagBushing < ActiveRecord::Base

7. Buld your controllers (for each table)
   These look like this:

class Recruiterspace::RecruiterController < ApplicationController
  layout 'tier2recruiter'
  before_filter :login_required

active_scaffold :Recruiter do |config|
  config.label = 'Recruiters'
        config.actions = [:search, :show, :list, :create, :delete]

8. Build your menus (using tabnav)

Should look something like this

render_tabnav :AppName,
              :generate_css => true do

  add_tab do |t|
    t.named 'AppName'
    t.titled 'appname'
    t.links_to :controller => '/appname'
  if @current_user.has_role?('admin')
   add_tab do |t|
    t.named 'Admin'
    t.titled 'admin'
    t.links_to :controller => 'adminspace/admin'
  if @current_user.has_role?('recruiter')
    add_tab do |t|
      t.named 'Recruiter'
      t.titled 'Recruiter Home'
      t.links_to :controller => 'recruiterspace/home'

9. Add your relationships and tweak tabnav.

10. Add email confirmation, and notification.

Thank you very much Glennswest, But Could you please explain what you

I am new to rails, I will read about it.

Now I faced problem and I am working on it for the project in some
topics such as System specifications,customer requiremnts,Use
cases,UML diagrams and sequence diagrams, and functional

Any advices, I am happy to lesson.