javascript_tag replacing whitespaces w/ '%20'


  I have a form that tests if a title has been changed since the page was loaded and the page has been submitted. If the page title has been changed then a confirm box will ask if the user wants to have the title changed.
The problem is if the person hits cancel, all white spaces in the title get replaced w/ '%20'.

Here's the code I was using:

[code] <%=javascript_tag( "function confirmSubmit(){ var page_title_before= '#{u @page.title}';                                               var page_title_on_submit = escape($('page_title').value);                                             if( page_title_before != page_title_on_submit ){                                                 var agree=confirm('Changing the title of this page will break any links or bookmarks that refer to it.\\nPress \"OK\" to save with the new title, or \"Cancel\" to revert to the original title.');
                                                 if(agree){ return true; }                          else{ alert( 'page_title_before-->>' + escape(page_title_before) ); $('page_title').value = page_title_before; return false; }                                             }                                               else{ return true; }}") %> [/code]