javascript manipulation of models?

  I need to know how to make a new model using user generated input
about the name of the model and the schema. I'm fairly new to ror, so I
don't even know if it's possible. My friend said you can do this using
prototype and ajax libraries but from the tutorials I've
seen, none of them mention anything about being able to create models on
the fly. If this is not possible with ajax, then please direct me
towards the correct topic I should look into.



Anything between back ticks (`) in Ruby will be run on the command

So say, your ajax posts to an action called create_model

def create_model
  if params[:new_model]
    `script/generate model #{params[:new_model}`

That would create a new blank model file with the name passed to it as
the parameter new_model. If the correct table exists, your model would
work like normal.

When Rails creates a new model, it create a new migration file. If you
also needed to create a new blank table for the new model.

`rake db:migrate`

Although, the table will be created, at this stage the table will have
no fields. Adding fields to the model .. well that would probably
require you to tap into

ActiveRecord::Migration.add_column(table_name, column_name, type)