javaScript and error

Please install this and let us know what the error is if you’re still confused:


But you said it works fine in development and testing, but not production. Telling you to install Firebug is the only help we can give you because that’s all the information we have. You’ll have to point us to the site itself, or give us the offending pieces of code before we can help you more.


Hi ,

The application is developed soley for IE , and it doesn't give us

desired results in firefox , so no point in installing that thing …

Interesting. May I ask why you’re choosing to exclude a good quarter to third of the Internet using crowd?

What i really want to know is there any link between the javascript
and the enviorment we are working ???

Apparently so in your case. There’s a lot that can change when you go from development to production so without access to the code it’s very difficult to pinpoint a specific problem.

So the only thing I can really say is to go install the IE Javascript console, instructions here: