Java install won't accept <Ok>?? Desperate for help??

I've decided that I'm going to develop my Rails applications in Linux
and keep hitting a BRICK WALL every time I try to install NetBeans or
Java. I download all of the packages and come to a text screen that
says "Package Configuration" and then "Configuring sun-java5-bin" and
then it asks you to read the agreement and there's an <Ok> at the
bottom. I can't get through this and everytime it fails my 'package
manager' goes bonkers and I have to reload the Ubuntu Gutys Gibbon
operating system AGAIN!!!
I push ENTER and type in "yes" and "Ok" and there is no response.
I've loaded this operating system FIVE TIMES NOW and the bottleneck is
very frustrating as I can't program in a graphics environment without
I would be grateful for a reply at
Thank you,

..and that's your problem: don't use a repackaged java, at all. Ever.

Download the Linux JDK installer from