It'd be great to be able to use semantically consistent custom configuration variables

When I am writing a Rails application it kind of makes sense to have custom configuration options. In Rails 4.2.5 I tried to add these to a config file in the config directory for the environment that gets loaded but I get an error:

/Users/bytenel/.rvm/gems/ruby-2.0.0-p643/gems/railties-4.2.5/lib/rails/railtie/configuration.rb:95:in method_missing': undefined method wepay’ for #Rails::Application::Configuration:0x007fde51d21450 (NoMethodError)

Since I am trying to use my configuration like so:

or alternatively

It would be nice to do this since it has a good ring to it semantically for my configuration variables and makes sense to the location of it (I can easily check my Rails config file for the environment to check the loading).

Such a configuration would look like this:

Rails.application.configure do
config.wepay.use_stage = false
config.wepay.client_id = ‘your_client_id’
config.wepay.client_secret = ‘your_client_secret’

Rather than using the generic

Rails.application.configure do



Or some such.

What does the team think?

You can do this already with code like this:

wepay_config =
wepay_config.use_stage = false

Rails.application.config.wepay = wepay_config

Accessed through Rails.application.config.wepay.use_stage

This is how the Railties (like Active Support) do it and so I think this is how you should do it too.