is this line of code right in Ruby 1.9.2 / Rails 3

I am looking at a ruby script and testing it...
I don't fully understand the following line of code :

database = YAML::load_file("config/#{fetch(:db_file,

=> fetch(:db_file, 'database.yml') ... what's is this function
fetch() ?

I know the fetch(key, *extras) in ActiveSupport, but this is not the
case.... any suggestion ?


Is this part of a capistrano script?

[](    If

so then it uses the value in deploy.rb where
set :db_file
is defined.

(Perhaps look here:

Otherwise I would imply you should give some more information about

the type of script you are looking at.

Thanks , you're right, :db_file is defined, and the line runs well...
my concern was about the 'fetch' function which returns a string..
it seems to return the second string argument if the first is not
defined ...
but is it a Ruby function or a Rails function ....
I know a anArray.fetch( aString) but not this one ....

I told you: it is a method of capistrano.
set sets the value, fetch gets it
Follow my first link and read the chapter "Variables" ...
Or look here
Or look here