Is there anything else I can use besides rails?

Can ruby be on anything else besides rails?

i've tired is on sliced-bread but it got stuck with my peanut butter! are you trolling on the rails thread =P ..there is a ruby thread you know :wink:

i've heard of which i don't use so can't comment on that

Strictly I think it should really be Rails that is on Ruby rather than the other way round. It does not sound as good however.

Ruby is then on Ubuntu or, heaven forbid, Windows.

So what exactly do you mean by the question?


There are other web frameworks for it, if that's what you mean. Someone already mentioned Sinatra. Then there's the whole Rack interface.

Ruby is also quite useful on its own for general scripting purposes. (I'll leave it to the zealots to compare it to Perl, Python, etc.) Right now I have a project at work to use it to read in some XML files and spit the info back out in CSV format. (Yeah, that's trivial, but you can do a lot more with it.)




hell, you can do http server as a oneliner so… :wink:

Yeah, there are lots of sexy ways you can apply ruby outside the rails, which, to be honest, is mostly sought after by those who don’t know and milked by those who don’t care.

On the off chance you meant using Rails elsewhere - I have used ActiveRecord outside Rails for some database programming.