Is there any built-in auto-cleanup of the "tmp" directory?

I need to generate some files that I only need for the duration of a
user's session.

If I create these files in the Rails "tmp" directory, is there any
automagic process that will periodically clean out the "tmp" directory,
or is that something that I would have to manage myself?

rake tmp:cache:clear # Clears all files and directories in tmp/cache
rake tmp:clear # Clear session, cache, and socket files from tmp/
rake tmp:create # Creates tmp directories for sessions, cache, and sockets
rake tmp:sessions:clear # Clears all files in tmp/sessions
rake tmp:sockets:clear # Clears all files in tmp/sockets

Add one or more of those to your crontab file and that should do it for you...


Wes Gamble wrote:

Actually, I'm not interested in killing sessions.

I wanted to know if I created my own directory under tmp, say "wes",
would there ever by any automatic cleanup of that directory.

It appears there isn't so that I would have to manage it by hand.

If you are on Linux/Unix you can write a sh script to rm /path/to/wes/* and run it
under cron.

Just a thought,