Is there an administrator on this list?

If so, I have a request:

I’m fed up of one persistent individual spamming the list with questions along the lines of

‘Please do my work for me; I haven’t done any preliminary investigation on my own’

If there is an administrator, please consider removing the individual from this list.

If there is no administrator, then my request to everyone else is to treat this like trolling, and just stop feeding the troll.



I come here cause the ops on freenode have me ghosted

I don’t think it feels like trolling. If anything, the responses by +Walter Davis
are very informative.

In the last 30 days, fugee has opened 11 out of 45 threads. I would not characterize this as trolling, but I do think fugee needs to work on their google-fu.

To be clear. I’m not suggesting that the behaviour is trolling, just that the same solution might apply.

Lots of people (myself included) have tried to help by suggesting how to pose questions well after doing some homework. That clearly isn’t getting through.

In the absence of an admin to remove the individual, my suggestion is that everyone stops answering in the hope that he either learns some manners, or goes elsewhere.

It sounds like ‘the ops on freenode’ came to a similar conclusion. Clearly no lesson was learned.

Well, to be quite pedantic, fugee is more or a “help vampire” than a troll.

-Rob B. (different from Rob J.)

No actually you never responded to any of my questions you’re just a stalker who works for the mafia

The ops on freenode have me ghosted on behalf of the mafia since the year 2000 in the #perl room to the present day in #ror The mafia’s been stalking me, sabotaging my business ventures for many years Michelle Bu discontinued peerjs immediately upon my registration, Spree discontinued immediately when I started using it and asking questions, because of my site kingbiscuitblues the Helena Arkansas Blues and Heritage festival changed it’s name back to King Biscuit Blues Festival I already sent a complaint to the FBI internet crimes complaint center about you Hopefully you’ll get locked up and can be a witness in helping me recover stolen money

I’m also gonna name you as a suspect in a murder investigation

I agree. I don’t post very often because good questions I would answer are usually answered before the digest come through, and when I have a question, writing a good question usually solves my problem. However, this individual just spews diarrhea all over the place without any effort to research or even ask a decent question, and worse, generally doesn’t recap with the problem and the solution that worked for them so that someone searching later could find something useful.

I’ve been on this list more than 10 years, and this individual has me often considering clicking the unsubscribe link. If there are administrators reading, you should consider that a single individual like this can destroy the group. How many other long-term subscribers have already left just to not have to see the endless drivel of someone who constantly spews garbage to the list?

As others have mentioned, people have repeatedly tried to help this person learn how to learn and how to ask a better question, with absolutely zero effect. At this point language barrier can no longer be an excuse. If they’re not gone soon I will be, and others as well, until this person is spamming an empty room.