Is there a centralized location (or link) by which to view all creaded RDoc. . .?

To my knowledge, I must manually open each "index" file as I desire to
see them. Is there no plugin (or already created repository of which
I'm simply not aware) that allows viewing of all RDoc in a project,
centrally? I'm looking for something that will let me do this:

Any ideas?


EDIT: The heading should read "created*" instead of
"creaded". . .but I'm sure you all knew that :wink:

Well, if they are libraries installed as gems you execute the
following on the command line:


And then open:


If this isn't what you are looking for then you'll have to be a bit
more specific. Also, this isn't a Rails-specific thing.

Anthony Eden

Actually, I need to view the RDoc for the "plugins" I've installed via
'rapt' or 'script/plugin', not via 'gem install'