Is possible to execute validations after updates but before

Hello, I've checked the bug:

And noticed that since the validations are checked before executing
the SQL updates it will always fail even if it is within a
transaction. I though perhaps it could be interesting to delay
validations at the end of the transactional context.

I would like to know if you are interested in adding such a type of

Example to add to test/cases/validations/uniqueness_validation_test.rb

def test_validate_uniqueness_when_swapping_values_within_transaction title:'E1').save! title:'E2').save!
    ActiveRecord::Base.transaction do
      e1 = Event.find(1)
      e2 = Event.find(2)
      e1.title = 'E2'
      e2.title = 'E1'
    assert_equal Event.find(1).title, 'E2'
    assert_equal Event.find(2).title, 'E1'

An equivalent SQL would be:

update events set title='E2' where id = 1;
update events set title='E1' where id = 2;

Check Constraints after updates:
select from events where title = 'E2' and id <> 1;
select from events where title = 'E1' and id <> 2;
Commit or Rollback accordingly