is 2 separate rails app?

is 2 separate rails apps or just one?

From poking around, it seems like the main signup site is separate

from client site, like If so, what's the reason
for 2 separate apps?

It’s easier to separate functionality that way.

For instance with Cashboard I run 2 separate apps off the same database.
…and the actual app @ http://*

I wouldn’t be surprised if the signals are doing the same thing.

There’s only one instance where I link from one app to the other.

After a signup on, the user is automatically redirected to their application specific URL and prompted to login.

The Account model stores this url, so redirecting is brain-dead.

Sorry I couldn’t be more of a help…

Just curious how are you doing controller routing. i.e. say
=> has an action which goes to What I would like to know
is there any elegant DRY way of doing redirect_to back and forth from
completely different app but under same domain?

if are on the same rails app, then you
can add ":host" option to your redirect_to, like
   redirect_to :controller => "forum", :action => "show", :host =>