Is anyone interested in a contract job programming Ruby?

About a year and a half ago we used a freelance programmer to build a
database for one of our companies. We designed the layout and
parameters and he programmed the Ruby language for us. The system has
worked out quite well for us but the programmer has moved locations.

We are looking for an individual, experienced with the Ruby language,
for a contract job. From what we are told the job is relatively
straightforward for one proficient in Ruby. It is not a big project
but it is a starting point as this could also extend into an ongoing
relationship for maintenance, additions, enhancements, and future
projects -- if it meets the needs of both parties.

If anyone is interested please contact Scott Hunter
( and we can discuss the details.

We are located a little south of Salt Lake City but do not necessarily
need someone that is in-state to work with on the project.

Hi Scott - Uk any good? I am a php/mysql and ruby/rails developer based near London but am used to teleworking?