Is anyone else experiencing sidenav in api.rubyonrails overlapping the content

It looks like the has it happen, but displays properly?

You can go in and delete the html element from the dom and see all of the docs, but you have to do that on each page reload.

hmm, I was hoping it was just me. When I opened the page in another tab the problem was resolved. When it occurs there are some css selectors missing. Might be some asset caching.

I can’t get it to reproduce now. I did notice that the css was off between the edgeapi, and the regular api. Specifically the following. .banner, #bodyContent { margin-left: 300px; } I am newish to rails. Would you mind explaining how asset caching might be the issue?

The api docs isn’t a rails application, just static html. It seems some pages rendered the old css.