Is anyone aware of a size limitation on hash keys?

We have a hash where the value is blank, but the key is huge.. Is there reason to expect Rails > 1.1.6 to choke on this (maybe due to REST or something) ?

"<rma_request>\n\t <request>PostTestResult</request>\n\t <content>\n <version>1</version>\n <! [CDATA[HEADER_START\r\nTest Station: Station-1\r\nOperator: joe\r \nTest Program Vers: 1.73\r\nScript File: xxxxx_00_xx2000_R1A.TXT\r \nScript Rev: 1.00, 03/12/07\r\nTest Date: 03/16/07 11:07:46\r\nUnit Serial Number: xxxxx***xxxxxx170101\r\nPOWER-UP - SSID,----,----,Pass \r\n\r\nTEST_DATA_END]]>\n </content>\n</rma_request>"=>""