InvalidAuthenticityToken when using XML, why?


I'm making an app where messages can be posted only from mobile phones.
The clients that will connect to the app will NOT use a browser but the
client is developed using native language, say C++, Java, etc. Users
need to be registered to be able to post.

On the server I am using restful_authentication. Clients will use XML to
post stuff to the server.

It is simple to use HTTP Basic authentication to post messages. But I'd
like to have a real API to login once and then provide a token to the
client so the next requests are done just using the token, actually I
could even use the remember me token.

My problem is that when I try this a POST to
I get ActionController::InvalidAuthenticityToken
So I can't get into the controller to start working on the logic I need.


For the sake of sharing with others in case it might help...

I had to add Content-Type: text/xml to the headers in the post request.
Doing that stopped the token error.

Now I have started doing some changes so the mobile client can login
with XML and receive a new client_auth_token. For that I have created a
new remember token for the mobile case to the user model, so I can use
the existing remember me functionality of restful_authentication as a
base. The client uses that cookie for using the API. Some changes to the
plugin are needed for this but I hope/think I'm in the right track.