Introducing Web Console [Google Summer of Code 2013 Project]

Hi There,

For the past two months, me and Guillermo Iguaran have been working on bringing rails console to the browser under the Google Summer of Code program. The project’s called Web Console and as of this week, we consider the project stable and have released 1.0.0.

The cool thing about the project is that it doesn’t just evaluates Ruby code. It actually puts a full-featured terminal emulator in your browser, so it gives you your rails console session the way you have configured with colors, auto completion, auto indentation working out of the box. You can even run Pry with all it’s bells and whistles without a problem. Vim and less are running just fine.

Because of the full-featured terminal emulation, we can go the long way and even run external programs, not just rails console. For example, if you are running on a Unix flavor, you can run login to authenticate users and spawn login shells for them. I call this poor man’s solution to SSH ;]

You can check out the project’s GitHub page for more information and documentation.


Genadi Samokovarov