Intermittent RingNotFound error

Am running a rails application which launches a series of relatively
long running scripts using delayed_job and Rinda to farm out the
work. At the moment am using a single delayed_job process (rake
jobs:work, as am stuck on Windows), a ring server process (started
with RingyDingy), and a single service process ( pretty ordinary )

These are running in the same machine (though we have plans to
actually have a ‘farm’ of services on more than one machine).

When we start a run of more than a few scripts ( longest run is about
48 scripts, run time up to 7 hours total) we occasionally see a
script fail because it can’t find the ring server (RingNotFound) error
even though the ring server process is running fine. The next script
almost always finds the server and runs ok.

Anyone have any ideas?

Code follows

worker excerpt: (where the error occurs)

I needed to put a longer timeout in the call to
After using 30 seconds instead of the default 5 seconds, the error
went away.