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John Clancy wrote:

Idea 2. Find a domain registrar that allows multiple MX records? Does
anyone know of anyone?

Multiple MX records are only of use when the primary MX is unvailable. There are no external routing options other than at the domain level or subdomain level - you can create and have a separate MX to's.

Personally I would also use qmail for your outgoing mail also.

I'm not sure where google come into this ?

If you are not using a smart relay the delivery errors will be generated by your mail server so they will never go near the internet.
                                                               I'd bin them personally and scan mail logs for failures. Bounces should only occur in the event of a destination mail server accepting the email first and for some reason failing to deliver it itself. This shouldn't occur that often as most (good) mail servers will reject during the email delivery attempt - which does not generate a bounce - though your mail server will subsequently inform you via email of the failure to deliver it will log it also (qmail does anyhow).

Thanks Andrew.

I will take a look at qmail -- I hadn't even heard of it before.

Google is involved because I really like the gmail system for my
corporate email. They have excellent spam-fighting, and well, gmail is
just the best in my opinion.

I've been investigating the following system:

Incoming Mail

John Clancy wrote:

Is this a reasonable thing to do?

Is this a personal thing or a service that other people will be using ? If the latter - run your own mail server. If the former - run your own mail server :wink: I really don't see any credibility in routing email via google.

If SPAM is an issue run ASSP in front of your mail server - it rocks.