Integrative - for integrating ActiveRecord models with external resources

As I couldn’t find the library for working with external resources in Rails, I made this gem:

A long time ago I thought that that’s what ActiveResource id for, but:

  • There is no system of associations between ActiveResource models and ActiveRecord models
  • ActiveResource has a lot of features related to modifying external resources, but I never found it particularly useful. Usually I just want to “enrich” my models with some content fetched from some (usually internal) REST API.

To make it more clear, what you can use it for, here’s an example:

  class User < ApplicationRecord
    include Integrative::Integrator

    integrates :relation, requires: [:with  ]

  class Relation
    include Integrative::Integrated

    def self.integrative_find(ids, integration      )
Friend.where(user_id: integration.call_options[:with].id, other_user_id: ids)
User.where(public: true).integrate(:relation, with: current_user).limit(1000)

The above code would fetch Friend models only once.

All feedback is welcome.