Integration with LinkedIn.

Tushar Gandhi wrote:

I want to integrate my application with LinkedIn. Is anyone knows How
to do that in ROR?


Note that you must convince LinkedIn management that your application
adds significant value before they will work with you. I quote from
their web site:

"How to develop for the Platform

"The LinkedIn application platform is not publicly available for all
developers. We evaluate requests to develop for the LinkedIn platform
from partners who have clearly compelling value to our users and who
can rigorously follow our privacy policies. We are looking for
applications that provide clear business utility to LinkedIn users.
LinkedIn is not a place for sheep throwing. There is equal opportunity
to build applications that apply to all LinkedIn users as there is to
develop applications that apply to just a targeted portion of the user
base. If you think you qualify and have a compelling user value
proposition, let us know using the form below."

Note the key phrases "partners who have clearly compelling value to
our users", "clear business utility to LinkedIn users", and "have a
compelling user value proposition". In short, be prepared to clearly
demonstrate a value add to LinkedIn before putting any effort into

LinkedIn *isn't* Twitter, and "any old hacker who can code to an API"
isn't going to get on their approved list. For that matter, I suspect
it's only a matter of time before Twitter adopts a similar policy.