Integrating HER gem (REST consumption ORM) into Rails

Hello Rails Core Team:

I my application development life I find that I am constantly using a fine gem called HER ( in the last several years to consume REST based content. It creates object models like AR models from REST based APIs - it is an indispensable gem for working with REST content. The creator has kept it AR-like that makes it so much easier to deal with in the RoR framework.

So my feature suggestion is to bring HER gem into the Rails framework as ActiveREST. It will be a great complement to ActiveRecord, and allow REST APIs to be treated quite on a similar footing with Databases and allow a great more number of people to use it. Also the Rails team can make the HER gem more Rails like.

In my view it will fully round out Rails and make it have broader appeal - because every project these days will consume a REST Api (if not expose one). I am including the creators in cc. Looking forward to HER gem becoming a feature of Rails. I think Rails Core team you are going to love this idea and make many people who struggle to consume REST Apis (that don’t know about HER and roll their own) very happy.

I am a happy user of Rails since 2006. Love the framework and the continued cool tremendously useful things you put into it - like the latest ActionCable in Rails5. It is such a pleasure to use - not having done anything with web sockets before - it just works. Wonderful, my livelihood and programmer life has been heaven because of Rails. My deep gratitude to Rails and Ruby.

Thanks for listening. Thanks Rails Team+DHH, Rafael Franca et al, and thank you Her gem creators/contributors, Remi, Ed Jones and FoxPaul


Hey Shashi,

We used to have ActiveResource as part of Rails until Rails 3.x, it was moved out because it wasn’t widely used. Although things may have changed a lot in that regard ( in terms of usage of REST consumers ) in recent years but may not be enough.



I think REST is so widely used that it will be significant to include HER into the framework. It will make Rails -> Rails work easier as well, and really make Rails a 360 all round framework.