Instructions for running SQLServer AR adapter unit tests

I would like to submit a patch for the SQLServer AR adapter.

In order to do that, I would like to run the unit tests.

I read the "RUNNING_UNIT_TESTS" file in the SQL Server adapter
distribution, and I'm not exactly sure how to proceed. Here's the part
that I'm having trouble with:

"== Requirements

The tests of this adapter depend on the existence of rails edge. All the
defined by rails edge are re-used. For this to work the following
structure is assumed to exist:


So, currently, I have a checked out version of the Rails trunk in one
project, and a checked out version of the SQL Server adapter trunk in
another project. Neither of these has a vendor directory, since neither
of these is a Rails app.

(FYI: I have never run edge).

Do I need to create a Rails app., then set it up to run edge (so that I
get rails under the vendor directory)? Why is the sqlserver stuff under
the plugin directory - do I have to copy it there from my SVN client

I have the patch - I just need to test it, but I need more detail in
order to do so.

Wes Gamble

So I went ahead and tried some things...

But I'm totally confused.

Am I supposed to put edge Rails into the Rails trunk project I have,
which is not even a Rails project itself? The activerecord tests are in
the Rails trunk - so there's not even a vendor directory in there to put
stuff into.

Conversely, creating a separate _Rails_ project, freezing that to edge,
and then shoehorning in a copy of the sqlserver adapter into the plugins
(?) directory doesn't work since, as mentioned above, there are no
activerecord tests.

Is this file structure supposed to be some merge of the Rails trunk and
a Rails project?

Any help would be appreciated.