Instantrails.exe process wont shutdown.

Hi Chris,

Chris Catt wrote:

when i shutdown Instantrails, it closes, but looking at the task manager it is still listed as a process running in the background- utilizing @ 3MB of memory or so.

How are you shutting IR down? Any additional info would be helpful. I can't reproduce the problem.

Best regards, Bill

Chris Catt wrote:

Did you try this on a Windows XP tablet 2005?

No. I don't have a tablet.

- i have not been able to replicate this on Windows XP Pro.

I suspect this is a platform-specific issue. The tablet OS has some 'special' features that I suspect are at the root of your problem. Could just be the power conservation settings. Could be more.

Is there any other info i can provide?

If it were me, I'd be contacting Redmond. I'd try the tablet OS development group, but I'd be ready to take it to the tablet marketing group in case I couldn't get the dev group's attention. I'd also try to establish some contact with the Ruby advocate they brought onboard a while back. You can maybe find the name by searching the archives. If you decide to do that, it'll probably be more productive just to start a new thread here and ask. Somebody here will know "off the top of their head."

Sorry I couldn't be of more assistance.

Best regards, Bill