Installing RoR on PenDrive

Kas Naranja wrote:


I'm a very noob ror programer (i've started yesterday), but for my live, i've pass all the day going up & down, and in order to have a constant learning, i want to install ruby on rails, mysql, mysql-front, and RadRails on a 512mb PenDrive.

I've followed these steps:

1) Download latest RubyOnRails windows installer. 2) Execute it settign the path to the desired folder into yout pend drive (i.e: G:\DATA\RUBYONRAILS\) 3) Go to sleep. 4) When installed, type this on command:

There are 2 distributions that will work straight off from an external drive. The first is InstantRails and the other was announced on this list a few weeks back but I couldn't find it again. You may be able to search the archives of the list for that. I think, if you're just looking for it from the idea of learning and doing initial development (not deployment), InstantRails is a very good bet!

Cheers Mohit.

Okay, here is how to do it properly:

This allows your apps to execute properly off of the pen drive. It also has workarounds for when your pen drive maps to a different drive letter.

I have followed these instructions and find them to work fine. I would be worried about the long term effects on your USB drive. You end up doing an awful lot of write operations.

Just as a precaution I would probably create Databases on the windows C: drive (and copy them forward and back after use)

You can use SQLite instead of MySQL to save some space and minimize writes to your pen drive. I’ve done this before but I tend to use SQLite3 to start almost all of my projects.