installing plugins via svn:externals still uses the RecursiveHTTPFetcher

Hi folks,

The rails plugin system can fetch plugins either over HTTP, using some
assumptions about how the pages are laid out, or by setting up a
svn:externals link.

I'm the author or the redbox plugin. And I have a subversion url for
my plugin which allows anonymous access. However, my subversion host's
web access doesn't match the assumptions made by the
RecursiveHTTPFetcher, and so my plugin can't be fetched over http.

To fix this, I wrote a raiils controller which reads my subversion
repository, and spits out html which does match what the plugin
installer inspects. This allows the plugin to install fine, although
with a slight speed hit as it goes via my website.

However, people would really like to install this plugin using
svn:externals, for easy updating. Obviously they can't do this using
my website url, as that's not a real subversion repository. However,
using the svn url doesn't work either, as the plugin system still uses
the RecursiveHTTPFetcher when figuring out what plugins are in the

Does anyone know a way in which I can convince script/plugin that my
repository is ok? Or give it seperate urls? One for svn access and one
for http? Or maybe I can get this working with rapt?

If anyone has any advice on this, even if it's "move your plugins from to X", I'd love to hear it.