Installing a gem in an application

When I attempt to launch my application on my server, the Mongrel log says that

Missing these required gems:   haml

I do not control my server and the ISP has told me that he will give me no support in terms of Ruby on Rails.

Is there a way to install the gem in my application and/or place the gem in some directory that will allow haml to be found?

Ok ... a long search on Google found something called   gem unpack

Sadly, I am clueless how to use it ... what my current directory should be ... and how to point to it once I do the unpack.

“gem install haml”


you can do these kind of things from console. Do you have SSH access for your hosting? What kind of hosting is it?

First install the Haml gam: gem install haml

Second write it to your Gemfile in your app's root folder: gem 'haml'

Then try 'bundle install' in terminal.

If you have an error message its easier to go further. Please write it here with your OS, gem list, versions you use.

Check these for Haml:

Good luck, Zoltán

I'm guessing that you're running on Rails 2.3, as I believe the 3.x message is different (and Bundler would handle most of this).

On your development machine (not the server) you can do:

rake gems:unpack GEM=haml

to unpack the Haml gem into vendor/gems. You can then check the unpacked files into source control and deploy them with your application.

--Matt Jones

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I believe that   rake gems:unpack will unpack everything that I need.

Isn't "unpack" a _terrible_ name for what the operation does!?

Why do you think so? It takes a gem and unpacks the files into vendor/gems. Isn't "unpack" a _perfect_ name for what the operation does?