Installing a branched gem from git?

Happy Holidays,

This question happens to be about juggernaut, but the problem is
generic. I am waiting to be accepted to the juggernaut google group or
I would post there.

I am playing with juggernaut and I see that the latest commit by the
original author is version 5.7

If I do sudo gem install juggernaut, I get version juggernaut-0.5.7 in

when I install the the branch by ripta, I get ripta-juggernaut-0.5.8
in the gems dir.
If I do a clone:
git clone git://

I get a third version named juggernaut_gem (v=0.5.8) that has a
gemspec. (not in the usr..gem dir)

As I write this the thought occurs to me that maybe I should install
the gem from the third directory....

.............Time passes as I try that..........

but I can't seem to make that work.

These fail (plus many more)
gem install juggernaut-0.5.8 --source "/home/rubyfreak/rails_projects/
gem install juggernaut-0.5.8 --install-dir "/home/rubyfreak/

How do I handle this?
require ripta-juggernaut #doesn't make sense to me.
I want to require juggernaut and get v-0.5.8

Thanks in advance

Still stuck here

any help would be appreciated as to how to handle branched gems with
prefixed names.


I sure can't hurt. I will give it a try. I didn't realize that I could
move gems into vendor/gems with unpack. Seems like it defeats the
advantage of gems over plugins... unless they get updated. but I might
get to alias the name.

I will mess with it this evening