Installed RVM but doesn't feel like it did

I'm a total newb to rails. I just got started setting up the
environment, done installing Git and now onto RVM. I have a problem

In the terminal, it tells me that RVM installed just fine but when I
try things like "rvm notes" or "rvm install 1.9.2" it gives me this
message: "-bash: rvm: command not found"

This is the message I get when I install RVM:

Cloning into rvm...
remote: Counting objects: 16421, done.
remote: Compressing objects: 100% (4339/4339), done.
remote: Total 16421 (delta 11071), reused 15852 (delta 10649)
Receiving objects: 100% (16421/16421), 2.92 MiB | 173 KiB/s, done.
Resolving deltas: 100% (11071/11071), done.

  RVM: Shell scripts enabling management of multiple ruby
  HELP: (#rvm on

Upgrading the RVM installation in /Users/zeroaction/.rvm/
    Correct permissions for base binaries in /Users/zeroaction/.rvm/
    Copying manpages into place.

Upgrade Notes

  * rvm_trust_rvmrcs has been changed to rvm_trust_rvmrcs_flag for

  * Ruby package dependency list for your OS is given by:
    rvm notes

  * If you encounter any issues with a ruby 'X' your best bet is to:
    rvm remove X ; rvm install X

  * If you wish to have the 'pretty colors' again, set in ~/.rvmrc:
    export rvm_pretty_print_flag=1

  * If you see the following error message: Unknown alias name:
    re-set your default ruby, this is due to a change in how default

Upgrade of RVM in /Users/zeroaction/.rvm/ is complete.


Thank you very much for using RVM! I sincerely hope that RVM helps to
make your work both easier and more enjoyable.

If you have any questions, issues and/or ideas for improvement please
join#rvm on and let me know, note you must register
( and identify (/msg nickserv <nick> <pass>) to
talk, this prevents spambots from ruining our day.

My irc nickname is 'wayneeseguin' and I hang out in #rvm typically

  ~09:00-17:00EDT and again from ~21:00EDT-~23:00EDT

If I do not respond right away, please hang around after asking your
question, I will respond as soon as I am back. It is best to talk in
#rvm itself as then other users can help out should I be offline.

Be sure to get head often as rvm development happens fast,
you can do this by running 'rvm get head' followed by 'rvm reload'
or opening a new shell


    ~ Wayne

You must restart your terminal after installing RVM.

In future, please post general support requests to the rubyonrails-talk mailing list or ask in the #rubyonrails channel on