Initialize static data from database in application

Hi Group ,
I have a table messages which has some application data which has to
be used not so frequently. Also the data to - be returned depends on
the context. The current strategy that i use is something like
return Message.find_by_id(<number>).message_string
This is not very elegant since i am making a database call for some
information which is constant throughout the application.
What i would like to have is that static variables instantiated in
the Message Model ( and they have to be loaded from the database
since new messages are added directly to the database ) once the
application starts and then the return methods can happen at the model
level instead of a database call.
I was asking for this procedure since the current process has the
messages being added directly to the database with the migrations.
Else , i can go back to manually adding them to the model , but was
curious to know if there are any other methods.
Suggestions anyone?