inheritance fail.

Hi guys,
I'm building a class that handles functions for both IE and FF.
The trubble is that when I pass a class (e.g. for IE), I can't use
normal functionality.
A wee example below. the browser.goto("") command

class BIE <IE
  def initialize
    #@ff =
    #@IE =
    @strBrowserType = 'IE'
    @browser ||=; @browser.speed = :fast
    puts "new IE instance"

  def talk
    puts "talking IE"

  def ggoto(url)

class Browser

  def initialize
    #@browserIE = new BIE
    #@browserFF = new BFF
    @strBType = "FF"

    #@strBType = @browserIE.getBrowserType()

   def BrowserChoice()
    # case select
      # what browser in start.xls
    # end
    puts "in browserchoice"
     test =

     return test


#option 1
  b =
  browser = b.BrowserChoice