Informl 0.4 (wiki with forms, DB, and more)

We are pleased to make available an early-adopter release of our
open-source wiki, Informl. With Informl we are trying to do more than
you would normally expect from a wiki, by providing a framework in
which anyone can quickly create and deploy simple database-backed web
applications. Everything you need is at

Quick overview:

* General wiki features
  * uses markdown for text markup
  * additions to markdown for wikilinks, tables, page inclusion
  * live preview
  * spam protection via captcha or registration & login
* Form elements
  * radio buttons
  * dropdown selectors (combo boxes)
  * check boxes
  * buttons
  * text fields and text areas
* RSS feeds for page content and form submissions
* Database
  * data submitted through forms goes into ActiveRecord tables
  * schemas are created and migrated on the fly to match form content
  * pages can include results of database queries
  * uses ActiveRecord for integration with other Rails applications
* General-purpose extension mechanism
  * examples include dates, tables, Google Maps

We are very interested in your feedback about, and contributions to
Informl. If you have another Rails application you'd like to integrate
with Informl in some way, we'd love to discuss that with you.

From the project home page at you will

find links to a screencast, a live demo site, and the code. We look
forward to hearing what you think.

--David Anderson and Larry Baltz