Inflector >> "progress"

I have this in my Inflector file: ActiveSupport::Inflector.inflections do |inflect|   inflect.irregular 'progress', 'progresses' end

but when I run:


i get => Progres

Obviously this is messing up some internals. Progress doesn't really count as "uncountable"

Any help is appreciated

Any chance you can use "progression" or "step" instead of "progress"? Might be easier for the inflector to figure things out...?


Sure, there are other options out there to describe it. Would this be a consideration that the inflector is broken though?

Jeff Cohen wrote:

Hi Timothy, your code is right. Here’s the thing:

Inflector.classify is used to see how rails converts to table_name to Model name. So you have to do this:

Inflector.classify “progresses”

Inflector.pluralize gives you the contrary.

If you want more information take a look at this:

There you can see that actually your “progres” bug thing is documented right there but with “busines”.

Hope it helps.