Inconsistent Method Visibility

When researching an issue today I noticed ActionController::Base#render is originally protected, but then made public after including modules. I submitted ticket #7812 to fix it, and then thought I would check the other methods. I submitted ticket #7813 to fix other inconsistencies.

Due to moving methods and whitespace changes from indenting, this patch will become more difficult to apply the longer it ages. Could somebody from the core team take a look (and maybe somebody not from the core team verify the patch)? Thanks.

Methods changing visibility in ActionController::Base: render, process_cleanup, perform_action, assign_shortcuts, reset_session

Methods changing visibility in ActiveRecord::Base: create, update, create_or_update, initialize

Thanks, Dan Manges

It might be easier to change alias_method_chain to ensure that the new methods have the same public/private/protected status as the original one. Or is that not desirable?


Sounds like a good idea.

In any case, I think it's good practice to be consistent, so the patch is applied.