Inconsistence between rails and bundler when scaffolding gems

Sometimes I use bundle gem ..., sometimes I use rails plugin new ... to create new gem scaffold.

The rails plugin generator does not allow dashes in names, while the bundle command does.

I want to start a public discussion about:

  • What is the intention that rails does not allow dashes
  • Lets make the gem naming consistent between bundler and the rails plugin generator, either on rails side, or on side of bundler.
    I don’t see any drawbacks of using dashes in gem names, so I would like to send a PR that enables one to use dashes.



You are right. The rails plugin generator should allow dashes in names. The convention is to use a dash when writing a gem that extends another gem, and to use an underscore when there are multiple words in your gem name.

See and

So yes, write that pull request.


I am facing the same issue; has any progress been made on this namespacing issue?