Include xsl template in .rxml file


I have the following code:

xml.instruct! :xml, :version=>"1.0" xml.instruct! 'xml-stylesheet', :href=>'/stylesheets/java_app.xsl' xml.blueman do   xml.response do     xml.code(@response.code)     @response.url ||= ""     xml.url(@response.url)     @response.message ||= ""     xml.message(@response.message)   end end

But when this prints out its not including my xsl in the page. Actually I'm displaying this in an iframe. I hope that doesn't matter.

Any ideas why this isn't working. I thought the xml builder would have an easy link tag like javascript_include_tag etc etc, but can't find one

Figured this one out in the end. I was missing one little bit. My java_app.xsl is in a sub dir and I forgot to add text/xsl. These small things.......

xml.instruct! 'xml-stylesheet', {:href=>"/stylesheets/client/ java_app.xsl", :type => "text/xsl"}

Iain Adams wrote: