in_place_editor to add new records?


I’ve been toying with the in_place_editor helper, and it’s pretty cool. However, I was wondering if it could be used (or if there is an equivalent that can be used) to add new records. For example, in Tadalist, you can add new items to a list by clicking an add button, which pops up an AJAX text field right there. I think that this is also the case for adding tags to Flickr photos.

I can, of course, figure out how to do this by handwriting javascript, but I figure since I’m including the monstrous Prototype and Scriptaculous libraries anyway I may as well make use of them.

Any ideas as to how you would go about doing something like this?


In retrospect, my question was … I belive ‘mentally challenged’ is the politically correct way of saying what I mean.

It makes much more sense to have a form field already available below the list, at which point it’s just a regular form_remote. Fewer clicks for the user, fewer headaches for me, everybody wins.