in_place_editor_field and a helper?

Dave A. wrote:

Hi, I'm running into a problem when I try to do in place editing with
the simple_format helper. What the helper does is take form input and
turn carriage returns into separate list elements (so when a person
fills out a form and hits enter, each line is it's own list item).
Unfortunately, when I try to do in_place_editor_field with the data that
has the line breaks, it completely ignores them, instead of putting the
elements back on their own line.

Is there a way to combine in_place_editor_field and a simple_format

Here's a snippet from the view as an illustration of the problem:

<%= in_place_editor_field :recipe, :ingredients %>


<%= simple_format(@recipe.ingredients) %>

= ??



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I also would really appreciate seeing how some of you have resolved the
problem. I can't find anywhere any information about how to solve it,
I can read through all of the code available but most of it is
Javascript. It confuses me because nowhere does there seem to be the
code that generates the HTML.