In IE there is delay in loading png images

Hi all,

Can some one help me in this issue. My application consists only png
images where it takes normal time to get loaded in all browsers except

In IE i can see nearly 950 requests where other browsers show only
around 65 requests. Here i have attached the screen shot which i took
using httpwatch in IE.

Here i noticed around 900 requests which is sent to this path
"http://localhost:3000/htc/". I googled regarding this issue but
i didnt find any best solution.

In google many have posted that "png images not getting uploaded in IE".
For me png images are getting loaded, i can see those png images but it
is taking long time to get loaded.

Thanks in advance,


Are you very sure none of your stylesheets are requesting
somehow? is a known fix for PNG in IE. If your stylesheet is
linking to it, but it doesn't exist, that might slow down your

maybe you have a javascript or stylesheet that is calling the htc file(proably to fix the transparency issue on ie6)