Image Scraping Tool Help


I know this question isn't as specific as it could be, but I'm hoping
I could get some help or at least direction towards resolving this

Anyhow, I have a dev working on an image scraping tool with
functionality somewhat similar to FB's scraping tool. However, with
both FB and the tool that's been developed there's some trouble
scraping some sites, e.g Lyst. When scraping sites like this the only
image that seems to come up in the chooser is the profile image.

For example, when looking at this users page -
- I'm not able to pull anything, but her image. However, if I copy and
then enter the link address -
- then I'm able to see the image, which also links back to the Lyst
page that hosts the actual item -
But, if I enter the image URL -
- it only links back to the image with no further information.

Needing to both grab an image and have it be a link that connects back
to the 'original' page is there something that we should be doing /
can do that

1. Allows us to grab the images from the page in instances like the
one with Lyst
2. Helps us to grab the correct image AND the link that links back to
the page with deeper information

If you can offer and help or advice that I can pass along to the dev.
it'd be much appreciated.