I'm looking for deployment help - $350

I'm looking for someone to deploy a Ruby/social networking site for
$350. I've had a developer estimate it could take about 8 hours to
complete. I'm not a programmer, but I've been told insoshi would be a
good off-the-shelf solution. If you can think of a better way, I'd
consider other open source solutions as well.

Here is a detailed description that would appear on the independent
contractor agreement, and is negotiable. If you have alternative to
slicehost.com, I'm open to suggestions. Please let me know if you or
someone you know would be interested:

Social Networking Site ("SNS") with the following fully functioning

Home page
Signup page and process
different access levels for: guest, member, admin
member profiles area (including uploading photos and other profile
customization options)
browsing of member profiles
searching of member profiles
polls area
quizzes area
events area
shopping area

Install fully functioning production environment "from scratch" on
Client's "256 slice" account at Slicehost.com.
Install database to securely store SNS data, such as forum posts, member
profiles, passwords, polls.
Test SNS to make sure it functions properly and completely in Client's
"256 slice" production environment.
Guide Client in installing all necessary client-side software to
administer the SNS and production environment.
Guided walk-through that confirms that Client can operate and administer
the SNS and production environment.
Informal documentation, as Contractor deems necessary.

I do not expect any graphics/layout design for this budget - just the
essential SNS functions.

Please email your qualifications (c.v. or resume) and availability asap.
Looking to launch asap. Looking for qualified people for additional
deployements down the road as well.

Thank you.

Nationwide Forum wrote:

I'm looking for someone to deploy a Ruby/social networking site for
$350. I've had a developer estimate it could take about 8 hours to

My personal opinion, whatever that is worth, is that 8 hours is an
incredible underestimate for writing something from scratch. There
might be an existing open source project that provides everything you
want, and in that case, 8 hours to get it set up and running might be
reasonable. But I've worked in development long enough to know that
vague requirements like "polls", "quizzes", "shopping", and "forums"
generally open up very large cans of worms.

There are people who could do it for less than me, for sure, but I
wouldn't even consider that project for less than about 10 times the
offered amount.