IIS + Apache + Mongrel: Problem with big data submit form

Hi all,

I deployed a Rails application on a Windows Server 2003 machine as

+ I created two instances of Mongrel at ports 4001, 4002 to serve the

+ I set up an Apache instance at port 8080 for balancing load for the
two Mongrels => So I can access my website at URL http://mywebsite:8080/

+ I want to allow users access my website without typing port 8080 in
the URL. However, the server already runs IIS for several other
web-sites at default port 80. Therefore, I used ISAPI Rewrite to
requests from IIS (at port 80) to the Apache (and therefore towards
Mongrels) => I can access the website at URL http://mywebsite/

(To do these steps, I followed the guide in book Deploying Rails
Application - Pragmatic Bookshelf)

Everything seems to work fine until I find out the following problem:

In my application, the user register form page allows user to upload
his/her avatar. But whenever the file size is bigger than ~30KB, the
browser keeps waiting for response from the server until getting

This error also occurs in any submitting form with a little big posted

* Looking at the Apache error log file, I got the following error:

Anybody has any idea, please?

Best regards,

.Viet Trung.

Anybody has any idea, please?

This sounds like an IIS problem, and few people on this group will
know about that sort of stuff. Have you tried asking on an IIS related


OK, thank you, Fred.

Best regards,

.Viet Trung.

I'm facing the same trouble. If you already got the clue please let me
know (So would I) my email is makarov_petr[at]mail.ru. Thanx.

Hi Makarov,

Thanks for sharing the problem.

viettrung do wrote:

One special thing is that this error just happens when I access the
web-site via IIS, i.e., http://mywebsite. This does not happen when I
try directly with Apache at http://mywebsite:8080 or Mongrel at

What about posting the uploads to http://mywebsite:8080 (as a

Regards, T.

T. N. T. wrote:

What about posting the uploads to http://mywebsite:8080 (as a

Forget it.