IE issues

I released my project as LGPL:

So, It works great with Firefox but with IE visual_effects isn't
working correctly! Does anyone know why?

demo site:

could you explain what does not work ?

This issue doesn't appear to be related to the library itself but to the
DOM elements you're updating. IE has serious limitations on this. For
instance you can't add an option to a <select>, you have to update the
entire select element.

Most likely you're doing an update that IE won't allow.

Tiago Macedo

lanzm wrote:

Thre visual_effects.

Everytime that I insert a new data, the line into list shows highlight
effect. But only is working on FF

Everytime that I delete a row in list it shows FADE effect, but it is
only working on FF

It seams that you have a problem with AJAX update on a table id="list"
I take a look in a FireBug addin for FF and I have two table id =
"list" elements.

wow, thanks a lot ... I was using page.replace_html but correct is

I didn't know FireBug, I will install it... thanks again